Official Chapter Roster

Please meet our members:


  • Diana Lee – President.
  • James Mullinix – Vice-President.
  • Luis Escalona – Secretary.
  • Jonathan Matthews – Treasurer.

Our adviser

Dr. Jose Castillo – Faculty Adviser.

Members (current and former)

  • Dr. Ricardo Carretero.
  • Dr. Peter Blomgren.
  • Dr. Christopher Paolini.
  • Eduardo Sanchez-Peiró.
  • Johnny Corbino.
  • Moein Parsinia.
  • Brian Sturgis-Jensen.
  • Angel Boada.
  • Manuel Valera.
  • Kyle Campbell.
  • Daniel Cuevas.
  • Uyen Hoang.
  • Martin Rodriguez.
  • Joshua Staker
  •  Julia Rossi
  • Martin Kandes.
  • Omair Zubairi.
  • Trevor Hawkins.
  • Douglass Evans.
  • James Turtle.

Any correction/suggestion or complement can be provided through the comments section, below!



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