Selecting the Officers

In the effort of creating our Board of Directives, I have decided to publish the names of the current members of the Chapter. This is just the first step.

I believe, that as the organizer of the Chapter, it is my responsibility to think about how to get this done. This is the current list of members (alphabetically):

  • Dr. Christopher Paolini.
  • Eduardo Sanchez (myself) – Student Organizer.
  • Johnny Corbino.
  • Jonathan Matthews.
  • Dr. Jose Castillo – Faculty Adviser.
  • Joshua Staker.
  • Julia Rossi.
  • Martin Kandes.
  • Omair Zubairi.
  • Dr. Peter Blomgren.
  • Dr. Ricardo Carretero.
  • Trevor Hawkins.


This is what I think we should do: A Nominating Committee should be created, by the will of their future members; i.e., raise your hand whoever wants to propose candidates! 🙂

We need:

  1. A Chapter President.
  2. A Chapter Vice-President.
  3. A Chapter Secretary.
  4. A Chapter Treasurer.

The function of each role are described in the official Rules of Proceeding (ROP) document, available here [PDF, 30 KiB].

Once candidates for each position have been proposed, then elections will be held through a poll, and then those members will be officially named officers of the Chapter.

Comment out on this post, or email me, if you are ready to nominate a candidate.



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